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Movin' On Up...


     Alright, alright I get it. I have caught plenty of grief from my people (that would be all of you) about the fact that the only form of social media that I use is Twitter. This, apparently, is a social media sin so bad that, if Jesus were alive today, my youth group would drag me before Him and say, "This man was caught using Twitter--in the very act!" Then Jesus would reply, "Really?? Ok, stone Him!" *Jesus walks away shaking head*

     So, thank you all very much for that! However, you have inspired me toward Social Media Advancement (SMA), or at least a social media step forward. This SMA of mine comes to you in the form of Instagram. My username is @saltlightyouth13, so go ahead and check me out digitally. Then if you feel like it, give me a follow. I'll see you all on the interwebs! (I'm so old)

Much Love,

Bro. Tim 

That's me, Mr. Tim, with my AWESOME wife, Ms. Caroline!
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